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OVM Meat VS Grocery Store Meat

par {{ author }} Marie Williams au May 21, 2024

OVM Meat VS Grocery Store Meat

Most of us have heard about how Grocery stores treat their animals. If you haven’t, we made this blog for you. Let’s talk about the differences between the inhumane treatments animals suffer through to produce grocery store meats, compared to how our butchers at Ottawa Valley Meats care for our animals.

Animal Welfare - Grocery Store Suppliers:

  • Animals are confined to very small living quarters where they are subjected to stress and illness due to these conditions. 
  • They can not roam freely, or enjoy something as humane as natural sunlight. 
  • Most animals are forced to fall asleep standing upright due to the lack of space to simply lay down.

Animal Welfare - Ottawa Valley Meats Butchers:

  • There is plenty of space for everyone, we do not crowd our animals into factories.
  • Our animals are free ranged. They can go outdoors, run around, and act out their animal instincts without restraints. 
  • They can sleep whenever and wherever they wish to. 

Use Of Hormones And Water Injections - Grocery Store Suppliers:

  • Due to the illnesses and stress their animals are subjected to, these farmers will pump all sorts of antibiotics and hormones to make them “well” again. The injections used for the treatment of these animals reduces the nutritional benefits the consumers are digesting.
  • Water injections are used to increase the weight of their animals. The products you are purchasing have a lot of water as filler. Therefore, not only are you receiving the worst value for your money, the animal was slaughtered at a younger age before it could fully develop to keep their supply chain moving quickly.

Use Of Hormones And Water Injections - Ottawa Valley Meats:

  • Our animals are 100% antibiotic and hormone free. If an animal falls ill, that animal is removed from the herd to reduce the risk of the sickness spreading. It’s as simple as that.
  • We do not inject our animals with water. Our animals are allowed to grow and eat food that is healthy for them AND us, not food that is designed to make them gain weight as fast as possible.

Health Risks To The Consumer - Grocery Store Suppliers:

  • The hormones injected into the animals affect us in many different ways, such as affecting growth and development, slows down our metabolism, reduces how our bodies obtain energy, reproduction and mood. When our glands do not produce the correct amount of hormones, diseases develop that can negatively affect aspects of our lives, such as cancer.

Health Benefits To the Consumer - Ottawa Valley Meats:

  • Unprocessed meats contain the most nutritious vitamins such as B3, B6, B12, iron, zinc, and selenium. These vitamins are connected heavily to brain development, digestive assistance, boosting metabolism, energy production, red blood cell formation, oxygen transportation, muscle function, immune support and many more! 


The importance of the welfare of the animals you consume is important for many factors. Not only do these animals deserve a happy and peaceful life, if an animal is stressed out and injected with a variety of antibiotics and hormones, you can taste it. Supporting farmers who genuinely care for their animals not only makes a difference for humane purposes, but also reflects on the meal you serve to your family. Now's the time to make the switch from grocery store meat to Ottawa Valley Meats!


Want to learn more about the living conditions and eating habits for our animals? Please check out our “ABOUT OUR ANIMALS” page!