Ottawa Valley Meats

About Our Animals

Ottawa Valley Meats and Our Commitment to Animal Welfare:

We take pride in our commitment to providing you with the finest meats while upholding the highest standards of animal welfare.

Hormone and Antibiotic Free

RWA MEAT - Our farmers do not give any extra growth hormones or non therapeutic antibiotics. We do regular inspections of our farms to ensure this high standard is kept throughout the cycle of the livestock. Should an animal become sick and require antibiotics legally prescribed by a veterinarian for the welfare of the animal, it is segregated and given an isolation period to purge any remaining disease. These are extremely rare cases, and even then are taken very seriously with the livestock’s healthy and well being in mind. This is how we can offer RWA Meat - Raised without antibiotics!

Is Your Meat Organic?

Many of our farmers are indeed organic certified, however this is not the standard we enforce on our farms. We believe this adds unnecessary cost and stress to our farm partners. Any farm or supplier who wishes to partner with Ottawa Valley Meats must abide by the standards aforementioned, and be open to regular visits from our purchasing team and president. 

Ethical Farming Practices

Our journey begins on our farms nestled within the Ottawa Valley. We are dedicated to practicing ethical and sustainable farming methods that prioritize the well-being of our animals. Our farmers work tirelessly to ensure that each animal is treated with respect and care, allowing them to live a life free from stress and cruelty. Our farmers care for their animals and take every step to make sure the animal is given priority treatment throughout its life. This reflects in a better end product for our customers as well as the peace of mind knowing our livestock has a rich and fulfilled life.

Open Pastures and Natural Environments

Ottawa Valley Meats believes in providing our animals with a natural and comfortable environment. Our livestock, whenever possible, roams freely in spacious pastures, allowing them to express their natural behaviors and maintain a healthy, happy lifestyle. We believe that a stress-free life for our animals not only enhances the quality of their meat but also aligns with our values of compassion and responsibility.

Nutritious Diets for Healthy Animals

To ensure the well-being of our animals, we prioritize their nutrition. Our animals are fed a balanced and nutritious diet, free from unnecessary additives and hormones or growth promoters. We believe that healthy, well-fed animals contribute to the production of high-quality meat that is not only delicious but also nutritious for you and your family. We make sure our livestock is fed feed that they are designed to eat. 

About Our Cows

At birth, our cattles drink milk until they become of age (4-5 months old), then they are 100% grass fed and alfalfa mix until time of slaughter. This provides the beef with a nutritious and healthy diet while also producing top quality meat for our customers. Our beef are raised on one farm until they reach the age of 14-16 months.

About Our Pigs

Our pigs are fed a healthy variety of non gmo grains and vegetable feed. They are also occasionally fed milk as well from the neighboring dairy farms when they produce more than quota. As our pigs are free run, with outdoor and indoor pens. The pork is raised on one farm for 6-8 months or until they are at market weight. 

About Our Chickens

By nature, chickens are little scavengers. Our chickens are fed a diet of Corn and naturally grown grains as this is required for them to achieve their dietary needs. Our farmers use mobile coops to ensure they are allowed a free run outdoor environment without risking them to predators and weather conditions. Many of our poultry farmers are certified under the CFO Artisanal chicken program that holds the production of poultry to the highest standards and allows small scale farmers to produce for the general public through vendors like Ottawa Valley meats. All our chickens are raised on one farm from hatchling to market for 9-10 weeks.

Local and Sustainable

Supporting local communities and promoting sustainability are at the core of Ottawa Valley Meats. By sourcing our animals locally, we reduce the environmental impact of transportation and support the livelihoods of our neighboring farmers. We are committed to building a sustainable future for both our customers and the communities we serve. We commit to knowing our source on a personal level, visiting them on a regular basis and always supporting our closest viable source. 

Visiting Our Farms

We know that many folks would like to have the opportunity to go visit our farms in person, while we did have our farm visitation days in the past, this is no longer viable. Our butchers appreciate their privacy, and are concerned about visitors safety on a working farm. However, we actively have a media team provide video and content from our farms to keep our customers connected to the source.