Hotdogs Wrapped With Bacon & Stuffed With Cheese

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Hotdogs Wrapped With Bacon & Stuffed With Cheese

15 min

Cook time

25 min






Quantity Ingredient
4 Large, Ballpark Style Hotdogs
4 to 8 Cheese Snack Sticks, Mostly Frozen (Jalapeño Monterey Jack recommended)
8 Slices Bacon
4 Buns Like COBS Bread Gourmet Hotdog Buns
2 Pounds Diced Red Onion for Topping
4 Sturdy Straws (like those used for a slushy)


Bacon is smoky and tender, brimming with umami flavors from salt, fat, and smoke. When melted, any cheese’s creaminess is enhanced. Add these things to an all-beef hotdog for a gourmet experience. These Hotdogs Wrapped With Bacon & Stuffed With Cheese are delicious, dripping with flavor that explodes across the tongue. You will never want a boring old frank again after trying these incredible ‘dogs.




  • Before starting, place your cheese into a freezer to ensure that it is extremely cold and stiff. Preheat your grill to around 400°F to 450°F, preparing to use indirect heat.
  • Using a straw that you would get from bubble tea, or a slushy (slightly thicker than usual straws) bore a hole through the hotdog.
  • Slice the cheese stick lengthwise so that it will fit into the hole you have created. Gently fill your hole-y hotdogs with the cheese, then cap both ends with a plug made from the removed hotdog.
  • Wrap each dog with bacon, securing it in place with toothpicks.
  • Place the bacon wrapped hotdogs onto the grill and bake using indirect heat for 10 to 15 minutes, turning every five minutes. Once the bacon fat has rendered a little, and the bacon has begun to crisp, you can move it to direct heat for a little kiss of flame. Be vigilant as the bacon fat will cause flareups.
  • Toast the buns, and once you’re satisfied with the doneness of the bacon, remove the hotdogs from the grill. Remove the toothpicks.
  • Serve your hotdogs on the toasted buns, topped with a generous helping of diced red onion and your favorite condiments. We recommend the classic Ketchup and Mustard!
  • Hotdogs Wrapped With Bacon & Stuffed With Cheese take a boring old hotdog dinner to new levels of gourmet grilled flavor. The mellow and smoky meat taste becomes an umami tornado when you hide a melted cheese surprise inside. Topping them with the acidity of the pungent red onion and your favorite condiments will have everyone swooning with delight, especially when you serve them with some tart, dry cider.

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