Pork Chops


The family favourite that’s easy on the wallet and ready in no time!

Our Pork Chops are sourced from local farms dedicated to naturally raising heritage pigs in a free range environment. A cut above the rest.


8 oz (0.5-lb.) Free-Range Pork Chops (1)

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1 - 4 $3.59
5 - 54 $3.09
55 - 59 $3.06
60 - 64 $3.01
65 - 69 $2.97
70+ $2.90
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Product Description

Our Pork Chops are a family favourite. To achieve the best flavour possible, it is best prepared Grilling, broiling, or sear-roasting. Brining your Pork Chops before cooking will help keep your meat tender and juicy.

These pigs are forest finished for an undeniably enhanced flavour. Like all of our products, our pork is completely antibiotic and hormone-free, given vegetable feed with no soy products.

Each Pork Chop is professionally butchered, quickly flash-frozen and vacuum packed.

We work with farms that only produce the cleanest, healthiest and ethically-raised local meats. All pork is Federally or Provincially Inspected according to Canadian Food Inspection standards.