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Here are some of our cows eating form grass as they leisure in our pasture

Our Beef

All of our beef is Lowline Angus that are 100% GRASS FED. This breed is ideal for small herd free range farmers. All the bovine are raised without the use of any hormones or antibiotics. Lowline cut especially well and provide the marbling you would expect from a corn-fed cow. Generations of family farms have perfected the art of raising healthy beef that tastes amazing too!

Our Pork

All of our farms exclusively raise heritage breed swine such as the Tamsworth. These breeds are known for their fantastic flavour and steak-like texture. All the pigs are raised without antibiotics or hormones. Once the piglets have been naturally weened off their mother they are pastured in a forest and hay field. This is their natural environment and provides the best flavour of any pork you can find. 

Our Chicken

Chickens love to be outdoors, doing what chickens love to do, scratching and looking for food in a pasture environment. The way nature intended. Our farmers raise White Rock chickens, a premium meat bird. We keep the chicks safe and secure in the spacious brooding area of our naturally ventilated barn. At 3-4 weeks of age, and depending on the weather, they are placed onto lush green pasture in our portable chicken tractors. They are moved daily onto fresh grass. All this extra work provides a bird that has vivid flavours, excellent texture and like most free range animals high levels of OMEGA-3 fats. Not only does this bird taste great, its healthier too! 

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