Frequently Asked Questions

Shipping and Payment

What methods of payment are accepted? When will I see a charge on my credit card?

Do you offer Free Shipping?

Can I pick up my order?

What’s the deal? Am I committing to a subscription or signing a contract?

How do I add ‘X’ to my order?

Do you have a store?

Why isn’t my coupon code working?

Do you deliver to ‘X’ location?

How long does it take to deliver?

How does delivery work?

Do I have to be home when my delivery arrives?

Can I recycle the package?

What happens if I am missing a product in my order?

About Our Meat

What are the grades of the steaks and beef?

Is the meat government inspected?

Do you use antibiotics or hormones in your meat? Is your meat genetically modified in any way?

Are the animals humanely raised?

How long can I keep your meat in my freezer?

Why is your meat flash frozen?

Do you do any custom cuts?