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Who doesn’t love bacon?

Our bacon is sourced from local farms dedicated to naturally raising heritage pigs in a free-range environment. Our bacon is locally cured with real wood smoke!

*Contains Nitrates*


1-lb. All Natural Heritage Pork Bacon

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Product Description

Our bacon is locally cured with real wood smoke and is best prepared baked in the oven or fried up in a pan to achieve the best flavour. The delicious end result will taste incredible and blow you away!

Watch as your bacon barely shrinks in the pan! It will make you question what you’ve been eating as “bacon” all along!

These heritage pigs are forest-finished for enhanced flavour, and like all of our products, our pork is completely antibiotic and hormone-free.  They are also vegetable fed with no soy.

*All bacon requires nitrates for the curing process.  Nitrates and natural sugars have always been used in the flavouring and curing of bacon.  We always make sure to use only minimal celery extract and do a cold cure with kosher salt.*

4 reviews for Bacon

  1. Sherry

    We started buying OVM bacon in April and we are completely addicted. There is nothing else like this out there. Love the fact that this is the real deal, these guys know their stuff and their farmers. Thank you!! Can’t wait for the next shipment

  2. Bonnie

    Best bacon I have had. Will be ordering another 10 pounds my second box.

  3. John

    I agree with the other people who have used this title. This is the best bacon I’ve been able to find anywhere.

  4. nicollemelanson.powell

    Each time I buy this bacon I am amazed at the quality. So meaty, so flavorful, little fat, no water. It is the best and worth every penny and then some.

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