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🍗 3 x 1lb juicy Chicken Drumsticks

🍖 1 x 1lb succulent Pork Tenderloin

🍔 3 x 5.5oz tender Beef Patties

🌭 1lb savory Farmer's Sausage

🥓 2 x 5oz Bacon Wrapped Chicken Breast - can you say yum? 😋

🥩 2 x 8oz sizzling Baseball Steaks

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About Our Farms

We work hard with small family-owned farms in the Ottawa Valley to provide genuine farm orders that work for every customer. All the farms we partner with date back to the early 1800s. They use zero non-therapeutic antibiotics or hormones, all their animals are free-range, and 100% grass-fed. We coordinate with these family farms and our customers to ensure you only get what you want. All meat is inspected provincially or federally, guaranteeing that our meat is the highest quality possible.