About Us

We live by our motto: Provide the Easiest and Most Affordable Farm-to-Plate Experience. We make it simple. There’s no subscription required, no giant freezer orders, and no complicated point system. Just the meat you want when you want it.

About Our Farms

We work hard with small family-owned farms in the Ottawa Valley to provide genuine farm orders that work for every customer. All the farms we partner with date back to the early 1800s. They use zero non-therapeutic antibiotics or hormones, all their animals are free-range, and 100% grass-fed. We coordinate with these family farms and our customers to ensure you only get what you want. All meat is inspected provincially or federally, guaranteeing that our meat is the highest quality possible.

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Tom Seguin

I said it once and will say it again. Definitely the best meat service in the city! Bravo!!


Our Founders

Darius Campeau


Darius grew up on and around farms. He’s a certified born-and-bred country boy, and he’s worked for poultry, beef, pork, dairy and vegetable farms. This has afforded him a very intimate knowledge of farming in the Ottawa area, especially when it comes to the difference between small family farms and large-scale farming.

  • Favourite Pastime: Weight Lifting
  • Favourite Cut: Rib Steak

Glen Badour

Vice President Sales

Glen has worked in the food sales industry for nearly 30 years. He got his start in the grocery store business, then he changed his focus, dedicating the last 13 years of his work to direct meat sales. Glen is an expert in deciphering sales tactics used by grocery stores, and he’s passionate about highlighting the advantages of buying local.

Neil Gordon

Vice President Marketing

Neil is a culinary expert! He’s taken courses in butchery, and he’s a professionally trained chef to boot. He has many years of professional kitchen experience, including working with popular restaurants such as The Keg. Neil has a keen eye for good quality meats and is always happy to help customers find the right cuts.

  • Favourite Pastime: Watching Hockey
  • Favourite Cut: Prime Rib

Covid-19 Update

We are here to help. We understand the Ottawa area has been hit by the same shortages across the world.

We want to assure you that due to our fortunate direct connection with our farmers, we do not foresee any major shortages with our products.



We are aware that there are shortages in many grocery stores, rest assured we do not foresee any future shortages on our end. Our butchers are working overtime and our farmers are on full production. We will NOT let you down!