Wagyu Striploin


Wagyu is an ultra-decadent experience.

Our 10 oz grass + special grain-fed Striploin steak is the best of the best on the market, with a BM5 – BM6 rating. Treat yourself to some of the best mouthwatering beef around! We source our Wagyu both locally (Embrum, ON) and abroad.


10oz (.625lbs). Wagyu Striploin Steak

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Product Description

Wagyu Striploin really doesn’t get much better than this, especially for the price point. Our Wagyu striploin steaks feature the intense, deep-red color and intramuscular marbling that gives wagyu its worldwide reputation as the very best steak you can buy.

Perfectly dry-aged for 35 days to enhance the already full-bodied flavour.

Each Wagyu Striploin steak is hand-cut, quickly flash-frozen and vacuum-packed. The delicious end result won’t disappoint!

We work with farms that only produce the cleanest, healthiest and ethically-raised meats.

All meat is Federally or Provincially Inspected according to Canadian Food Inspection standards to ensure our products are of the highest quality.


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