Tomahawk Steak (Grass Fed)

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The Tomahawk is one of the most stunning steaks money can buy. Featuring a thick cut of flavorful ribeye at one end, this steak is hard to miss and it’s easy to cook. The rich flavor will fill your mouth with juicy goodness you’ll love every second of. Your friends will be envious they’re not in on all that yummy taste too! What are you waiting for? Click BUY NOW and get ready to sink your teeth into some country cooking today!


48-55 Oz AAA Tomahawk Steak

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Product Description

  1. Grass Fed Tomahawk Steak

A hunk of meat that’s ready to be cooked up so all your guests can see. The Tomahawk Steak will make your mouth drool with its rich juices and tender beefy goodness. It is a one-of-a-kind piece of beef that takes a little time and effort, but it’ll pay off in the long run with pure deliciousness for dinner. Plus, say goodbye to waiting on hold for an hour just to book the right place!

The perfect dinner for a big family. This is the ultimate centerpiece, ready and waiting to be cooked up in front of your guests so they can drool over its juicy goodness as it sizzles on the stovetop just before being served onto their plates where they’ll find tender beefy meat that will have them wanting seconds!

It’s easy preparing this amazing cut of beef that there won’t ever be another meal more delicious than when everyone comes together at home around food prepared from scratch by someone who cares about feeding people well.

2 reviews for Tomahawk Steak (Grass Fed)

  1. Matt

    These tasty steaks are a good size and a great price. I brought some to my dad’s to BBQ for Father’s Day and they were a big hit.

  2. Andre Nasrallah

    Delicious and flavorful cut if beef.

    Roasted it in my charcoal grill with high, indirect heat to about 120F.

    Then flipped it around for a few minutes on direct heat charcoal to about 130. And let it rest for ten minutes.

    I was coast-to-coast pink. And good eating.

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