Smoked Ham


Immensely popular!

Naturally smoked hams are an easy and delicious dinner treat. Our Smoked Ham is especially smokey with a delicious bite.


2-lbs. Free-Range Smoked Ham

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1 - 4 $17.40
5 - 11 $16.60
12 - 16 $15.67
17+ $14.84
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Product Description

Smokey and flavourful, we know you’ll love this ham! Sourced from local farms dedicated to naturally raising heritage pigs in a free range environment, given vegetable feed with no soy products.

Forest finished for even more flavour. Like all of our products, our pork is completely antibiotic and hormone-free. Each Smoked Ham is professionally butchered, quickly flash-frozen and vacuum packed.

To ensure that we provide only the highest quality products, we work with farms that only produce the cleanest, healthiest and ethically-raised local meats.

What’s more, all meat is Federally or Provincially Inspected according to Canadian Food Inspection standards.