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Less than 3% of turkey farms allow their birds to be raised in open pastures. At Ottawa Valley Meats our turkeys are free to roam and are the juiciest, best-tasting birds you’ll ever try. Make our family tradition part of your family tradition and reserve your pasture-raised turkey today.

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Product Description

Heritage turkeys have a more evenly proportioned dark meat to light meat ratio than broad-breasted turkeys, resulting in a more elongated, thinner form. The rich turkey flavour adds a distinctive taste to your dinner.

You’re getting a turkey that has spent its entire life outside, roaming free on grass pasture and eating wholesome, organic grains, resulting in juicy, delicious turkey without the use of chemical inputs, flavour additives or stimulants. Our turkeys are more expensive to produce because we feed certified-organic grain and take time and care to raise them outside on pasture, but you may rest confident that no antibiotics, no GMO grains, or synthetic pesticides were used in the production of your meals.

We grow our turkeys to be larger than the industry average, producing more meat per bird. Our Heritage turkeys are raised responsibly in open-pasture conditions without antibiotics or added hormones. They are selectively bred using heritage genetics, which results in a better flavour and texture compared to broad-breasted breeds.

Individual product weights vary between 12 – 15 pounds.

The frozen turkeys will keep fresh in a standard freezer for up to 1 year from the date of purchase.


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