Ground Bison


Less calories, less guilt, but the same amount of delicious flavour! Ground bison is a great alternative to fattier meats like beef, pork or even chicken.

Like all of our products, our bison meat is completely antibiotic and hormone-free and 100% grass-fed.


1-lb Grass-Fed Ground Bison

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Product Description

Bison is a favourite for meat lovers who want less cholesterol, calories and fat without sacrificing flavour. Our ground bison is great for chilis, burgers and more!

All our bison meat is 100% grass-fed, free range, natural, no antibiotics, no hormones, and it’s one of the healthiest red meats around, sourced from a farm in Perth, Ontario.

We work with farms that only produce the cleanest, healthiest and ethically-raised local meats. All bison meat is Federally or Provincially Inspected according to Canadian Food Inspection standards.