Farmers Cut Ribeye Steak Box (Grass-Fed)


These Ribeye Steaks are non-uniform cut. When trimming the primal of the animal into portions there are always odds and ends. These steaks may not be as easy on the eyes as our standard Ribeye Steaks but the flavour and saving on these Farmers Cut Ribeye Steaks are HUGE!

*Product is sold by weight, no guarantee on the sizing of each steak* 5lb box – approx 5-6 steaks / box

farmers cut ribeye steak

Approx 5lb Box *non-uniform cuts*

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Product Description

This steak never disappoints on the stovetop or grill. The delicious end result will taste incredible, guaranteed! This Ribeye Steak is cut from 100% grass-fed Black Angus raised in a natural and free-range environment without hormones or antibiotics. When it’s time to cook this superior quality beef, always dry-aged for 28 days first so that you can savor all of its rich flavors before cooking perfectly over an open flame with butter & sea salt sprinkled on top just after flipping them halfway through their grilling process until they’re crispy browned edges are achieved.

This steak never disappoints because its flavorful end result is always guaranteed when prepared using only premium ingredients like those found here!

We work with farmers that only produce the cleanest, healthiest, and ethically-raised local meats. All our Ribeye Steak is Federally or Provincially Inspected according to Canadian Food Inspection standards. Like all of our products, our Black Angus beef is completely antibiotic and hormone-free. On the stovetop or grill, this steak never disappoints! Each cut of meat we sell is hand-cut at a perfect thickness for an easy sear on your favorite cooking surface – no more unevenly cooked steaks because you don’t know how thick they should be cut from one another! Our meat comes in vacuum packs so as not to lose any flavor when it’s thawed out later.


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