Denver Steak


A tender cut featuring a fair amount of marbling and a rich flavour.

Our 12-oz Denver Steak is great for cooking on a grill over high heat.


12oz Grass-Fed Denver Steak

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Product Description

Also Known As: Chuck Under Blade Center Steak; Chuck Under Blade Steak; Denver Cut.

Denver steak is cut from the meat located right under the shoulder blade, so it is one of the most tender cuts from the beef chuck. What’s more, this cut features a generous amount of marbling, and when it’s cut properly, the Denver steak is especially nice when cooked on a grill.

All our steaks are cut from locally-raised Black Angus that’s 100% grass-fed in a natural, free-range environment, superior flavour is guaranteed.
Once cut, the meat is then perfectly dry-aged for 28 days to bring out the fullest flavour.

Like all of our products, our Black Angus beef is completely antibiotic and hormone-free. On the stovetop or grill, this steak never disappoints. Each Ribeye Steak is hand-cut, quickly flash-frozen and vacuum packed.
We work with farms that only produce the cleanest, healthiest and ethically-raised local meats. All beef is Federally or Provincially Inspected according to Canadian Food Inspection standards.


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