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Your household staples are our most popular items.

Products in this Box:

  • 10 x Ground Beef
  • 10 x Boneless/Skinless Chicken Breast

Additional Options:

  • Pork Chops (Max 4)
  • Ground Pork (Max 4)
  • Ground Turkey (Max 4)
  • Ground Chicken (Max 4)
  • Ground Lamb (Max 4)
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8 oz (0.5 lb.) Free-Range Pork Chops (1)

1-lb. Free-Range Ground Pork

1-lb. Free-Range Ground Chicken

1-lb. Free-Range Ground Lamb

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Product Description

We went back to basics with this custom box. Our two most popular items are also the ones with the most utility! Choose between our amazing Boneless Skinless Free range chicken breast and our Lean grass-fed ground beef. All our farms are in the Ottawa area and raise their animals all-natural and free-range. These items are packed individually in 1 pound vacuum-packed flash-frozen packs. Under proper storage conditions, these cuts have a shelf life of over a year!


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